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United Nations reports to have the global water crisis, so called—water stress by 2050s. The catastrophe will face more of elderlies, children and women. Addressing the water challenges and letting the community to comprehend the status of water bodies could be a simple start to address water solutions

By March 2023, we firstly inaugurated 30 Malkia Maji (Queens For Water) Fellows, trained and challenging them to develop creative solutions that can be reliable to address water challenges around their communities.

For every drop of water you waste, you must know somewhere on earth someone is desperately looking for the drop of water

Supported together with Ministry for Water, Huru Initiative Tanzania, Jibu Water Tanzania, Water Institute as well as Tanzania Parliament for Water.

We’re thrilled to see the responses and actions to bring in solutions that are proactively solving water challenges around us and using the problem facers to solve their own problems