“It is through the youthful population that the future holds promise,  young people must be prepared for that role.”-J.K.Nyerere

Our Mantra
We see the world where young people have pathways for sustainable future.

Dear young people, three quarter of the Tanzania’s population is below the age of 35. The trajectory of supporting young people should be on the arrays of empowering them to become creative unto solving their own problems. I’m thrilled to address you all that we can champion the power of young minds, fostering innovation and shaping our bright future. We are trying to create a robust impact and become the top apex catalysts of change for young people. We want to elevate young people and create a generation that is capable of solving its own challenges today and in the future. We have been urgely nurturing the untapped potentials of youth, unlocking their brilliances and leaning them on the envisaged future of this country can change the ideal and glowing concerns of young people. For and on behalf of Vijana Think Tank

Mr. William Mshery, Executive Director